Tell Us Your Story

Ohio borrowers have powerful stories to share about the need for reform. In order to turn House Bill 123 into law, payday loan borrowers who are willing to tell us their stories are speaking up about how payday loans have impacted their life and their finances. These stories are helping to show lawmakers, the media and the public the harm payday loans cause Ohioans and how reform will create meaningful change for everyone who is impacted.

When sharing your story, the following information would be most helpful to include (personally identifiable details will not be shared publicly without your consent):

  • Borrower’s name, city, and state.
  • How much they borrowed.
  • How long it took to repay the loan.
  • The fees they had to pay.
  • How payday loan debt impacted your financial circumstances.

What would you do with savings after reform?

Share your story

If you would prefer to contact us directly you can reach out to Betsy O’Connell, 216.702.4331,