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NEW! 7/24/2018: Ohio House of Representatives Concurs with Senate: Payday Lending Reform Heads to Governor Kasich to Approve

July 10, 2018: Payday reform advocates elated with Ohio Senate approval of reforms: Bill protects vulnerable Ohioans, preserves payday lending in Ohio with fairer terms and cuts exorbitant borrowing costs that will pump money back into state economy

June 28, 2018: Payday industry helping legislator draft bill to gut reform

June 21, 2018: Ohio Senate Leadership Preparing To Gut Payday Loan Reform

May 23, 2018:

Continuing delays by Ohio House reward payday lenders; Canceled House sessions hurt borrowers.

April 11, 2018:


March 22, 2018 – Ohio Coalition Blasts House “Watered Down” Payday Lending Proposal

March 8, 2018: One year after introduction of bill to reform payday loans, Ohio House Leadership has failed to act, costing Ohioans $75 million in borrowing costs

February 28, 2018:

First round of signatures filed to put payday lending reform initiative on November statewide ballot

January 25, 2018:

Ohio Payday Lending Reform Supporters Launch Statewide Ballot Initiative to Cap Interest Rates at 28%

January 17, 2018:

Second Hearing for Ohio Payday Loan Reform Bill: Hearing on Ohio payday loan reform bill draws dozens of notable proponents from across the state with convincing testimony about why Ohio’s payday loan law is broken.

November 28, 2017:

Public Hearing Scheduled For Ohio Payday Loan Reform Bill: HB 123 would close loopholes that payday lenders use to trap borrowers in debt and thwart will of Ohio voters

November 1, 2017:

Dozens Hold Rally at Ohio State Capital, Demand Payday Lending Reform

Summer, 2017:

HB 123, a Primer on the Bipartisan Bill for Payday Lending Reform in Ohio.

Spring, 2017:

Movement for Payday Loan Reforms Grows as Faith Leaders Hold Prayer Vigil: Clergy and others call for bill to be passed by the end of 2017.

April 29th, 2017:

Delay Tactics Benefit Payday Lenders and Cost Ohioans More Than $200,000 Per Day.

March 29th, 2017:

New Poll Shows Ohioans Overwhelmingly Support Reforms for Payday Loans; 95% of those polled favor reforms that cap interest rates as proposed in recently introduced legislation.

March 8th, 2017:

New legislation spells out reforms that would make payday lending fair and affordable in Ohio; Reps. Koehler and Ashford say sensible changes would save residents tens of millions of dollars annually and have strong public support; Ohio groups support efforts and join growing statewide momentum for reform.


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